February 17, 2006
Volume 34
Issue 07
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Final Destination 3 is a pretty intense ride
Final Destination 3 is a pretty intense ride
by Rajkhet Dirzhud-Rashid - SGN A&E Writer

Final Destination 3

Directed by James Wong

Starring: Mary Elizabeth Winsted, Ryan Merriman, Lewis Romero, Leon Equinox, Amanda Crew, Crystal Lowe, Maggie Ma, Patrick Gallagher, Agam Darshi, Sam Easton

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True story. I was so rattled and terrified by the time I got out of seeing the third in the series of Final Destination films, that when I got to my neighborhood, seeing this white bag wrapped with black duct tape on a light pole, I totally freaked out. So much so, that I called the cops, thinking there was a bomb there, which would devastate my neighborhood the next day. Now that's effective horror! And for the two very nice policemen who showed up to investigate my slightly hysterical call in, I'm completely grateful for the quick response.

That's probably how everyone who was in the screening a few weeks ago felt. I'm sure not everyone started thinking terrorists were about to attack their neighborhoods, like I did, but I did hear more than a few 'eww's and gasps at some of the more horrific scenes of the film, Final Destination 3. And yes, Tony Todd (The Great One, in this reviewers opinion!), is in the film, not in the flesh, but as the eerie voice that we've come to know as death from the other films.

This time the doomed crew are a bunch of pre-matriculation high schoolers who go on an ill-fated roller coaster ride. As in the other films, one of them has a 'vision' of the horrors to follow, so she and a few others aren't toast when the actual disaster hits. But, as in the other films, bad things start to happen to them, as death catches up with each one and evens the score, with each death being gorier and more awful than the ones before. And I can truly say, this film is not for those with faint stomachs - the first death, a brutal car wreck that splatters brains and blood all over is enough to make you lose your dinner - or weak hearts.

Also, there is the same dark humor interwoven into this film as with the others in the growing franchise, it's just a little harder to laugh when heads are being reduced to pulp and guts are being tossed about. Keep in mind the above story of how this film unsettled me enough to be drawn into the 'culture of terror' set up by the heinous Bush administration via the media, and I write horror myself. But, if you're tough cookie, and like your horror with realistic effects, then 'Final Destination, 3' should completely fill your bill, if you don't eat first.

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