February 17, 2006
Volume 34
Issue 07
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Founded in 1999, event celebrates its seventh anniversary

A discussion about a Seattle local public access show, covering the Gay Asian scene in West Hollywood, prompted Erik Witzoe to discuss the possibilities of creating an event focusing on the Seattle's Gay Asian community. In October of 1998, Erik went to one of the main host Leroy Chin, who developed the West Hollywood documentary along with then co-host Kevin Thompson, to ask Leroy how we could develop a celebratory event focusing on Gay Asians in Seattle. Leroy who was involved with various projects in the Asian community, mostly comedy theatre, took an interest which lead to what is now known as Night FantAsia.

Night FantAsia became an event, which the mission was all about bringing the Gay Asian community and those of interest, together in a positive experience of new friendships, relationships and developing talents. For the most part we've accomplished that mission through the years. As with any organizations, we've also had our learning curve, from various venues, entertainment to style of music. However we to this day endure, not as many events as we once did, but a need or purpose that still exist to this day.

Night FantAsia first premiered at the former venue back on the 24th February of 1999. Up till that date we held our breath hoping we could fill a big venue, such as a big space as it was. But it was by far the best venue around at that time and Erik really sought for it. Despite a late start that premier night; we ended up with almost 300 guests that night, not too bad for a Wednesday weeknight. We definitely surprised the skeptical pundits and proceeded on forward.

Though Erik Witzoe who is ethnic Norwegian, has been producing Night FantAsia since day one, has been doing it for the love of promoting cultural recognition and volunteering in technical terms. However there is a lot of Asian involvement in the event and has been since the beginning. Currently Quyen Luu and other prominent Asian individuals are helping shape the current events, because the Asian involvement is what makes it an "an Asian based event" Having said that, we also promote inclusiveness where anyone would feel welcome regardless of who or what they are.

Night FantAsia welcomes you to the "Anniversary Seven" event, being held at Galerias Friday the 24th of February 2006. Galerias-611 Broadway E, though a very nice gourmet Mexican Restaurant, has been in the past a very nice venue for the event. The Latino Nights have successfully been held there on Saturday nights for sometime, with fantastic club lighting, a great sound system and inspiring d├ęcor. Dj Polo will spin a collection of nrg club tunes, and our prominent hostess "Gia Manila" will perform with various talented Asian drag performers "Drag'n Show" A cover of $8 at the door benefiting Lambert House. Doors at 10:30 pm - after-hours, event 21+ w/id. See for more details or call 206-251-5077.

A Night FantAsia press release

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