February 10, 2006
Volume 34
Issue 06
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Section One

Clark unveils 'contract' with the people of Seattle at swearing in ceremony
Third Lesbian to serve on Council vows to fight repeal of new state antidiscrimination law

by Robert Raketty - SGN Staff Writer

Sally Clark, the third Lesbian to serve on the Seattle City Council, was sworn in by her partner of nine years, Liz Ford, during a special ceremony on Monday, February 6th. Clark wasted no time in laying out her agenda, which she called "a
IN THEIR OWN WORDS: Washington Won't Discriminate
Statewide campaign launched to defeat Tim Eyman's anti-Gay referendum and initiative

by Anne Levinson - Chair of Washington Won't Discriminate

[Editor's Note: In Their Own Words is a new column, where individuals and community organizations will tell the Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual and Transgender community what they wil
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Oregon governor to examine discrimination based on sexual orientation and gender identity
"We know that when reasonable people look at the facts about discrimination...they will agree that protecting all Oregonians is the right thing to do," said Basic Rights Oregon Executive Director Roey Thorpe.

Oregon Governor Ted Kulongoski signed an Executive Order [on Thursday] to create a statewide taskforce to examine discrimination bas
Pentagon admits to improper domestic spying
Report comes one day after SLDN files federal lawsuit seeking information

According to a February 7 report from United Press International, the Department of Defense has admitted, in a letter to the Senate Armed Services Committee, to collecting "inappropriate" information on protestors. The revelation comes after numerous media
Pride Foundation announces new rapid response advocacy fund for organizations working for LGBT equality
The Pride Foundation is pleased to announce a new fund - The Pride Foundation Advocacy Fund - which will provide rapid response grants to organizations in Alaska, Idaho, Montana, Oregon and Washington, to address the current needs of LGBT and allied organizations working on equality issues in the Pacific Northwest.

A core group of Pride
Judge blasts Hawai'i juvenile detention facility for pervasive harassment of Gay and Transgender youth
"&with respect to the vast majority of instances, staff took no action. Even when staff documented incidents, disciplinary measures were either non-existent or were ineffective."

HONOLULU - In the first case in the country to specifically address the treatment of Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual, and Transgender youth in juvenile facilities, a fed
California might begin names-based reporting of new HIV cases
Some California lawmakers and advocacy groups are supporting a bill (SB 699) that would implement a confidential names-based reporting system for new HIV cases in the state, the Los Angeles Times reports (Ornstein, Los Angeles Times, 1/18).

California's HIV reporting system, which was implemented in 2002, uses alphanumeric codes that inco
Firing of Gay military personnel continues as army faces 'catastrophic' recruitment and retention problems
"We cannot continue to ignore the very real impact of removing ten thousand men and women from the ranks," said SLDN's Sharra. E. Greer.

Despite a new report warning of "a catastrophic decline" in recruiting and retention among Army troops, Pentagon leaders continue to fire Lesbian, Gay and Bisexual military personnel who are fighting to r

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