February 3, 2006
Volume 34
Issue 05
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Where It's At
Rising stars Wolfmother play a freebie at Chop Suey
by Lee Arthurs - SGN A&E Writer


Friday, February 10 - 8:00 pm

Chop Suey - Free

As a kid, I used to spend hours digging through my parent's stash of LP's - everything from Led Zeppelin to Black Sabbath and Jefferson Airplane to Rush. I didn't have parents who tucked me into bed and read me cute, little stories. Instead, I had epic albums of the 70's. Even though the subject matter itself wasn't necessarily understood by my adolescent mind, the music catapulted me into a world I found myself mysteriously drawn to. Albums were made, not for singles or commercial success, but for the experience. And oh what an experience they were.

Wolfmother, armed with an arsenal of riff-heavy psychedelic rock, sound like an extension of that era, while many bands come across as merely carbon copies. Wolfmother's EP Dimensions could easily have been found in my parent's collection of stoner-rock, alongside groups from a time when music was fun and experimental. Guitarist/vocalist Andrew Stockdale, bass/keyboardist Chris Ross and drummer Myles Heskett make up this power-trio, who became the biggest buzz band at last year's SXSW Festival. Wolfmother comes to town Friday night, infecting Chop Suey with their own brand of Seventies-revival.

This is a free show hosted by IHeartComix. Kicking off the night is DJ Franki Chan, followed by Seattle's own The Divorce. A Cryin' Tiger Fashion Show, free giveaways and a screening of the short film 'URB's Next 100 Live' are also scheduled. As of press time, I have no further information as to how Chop Suey will be granting free admission, so if you plan on checking out the show, call the club at (206) 324-8000, check their website ( the day of show or just show up. I'm heading across the street to Piecora's Pizza before the show - the food is as easily digestible as this show should be. - L. Arthurs

Pre-concert recommendation: Dimensions EP featuring "Mind's Eye", "Love Train", "The Earth's Rotation Around the Sun" and the title track.

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