February 3, 2006
Volume 34
Issue 05
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Another 'hot new biz' and a great place to take your honey or yourself, for Valentine's Day
Another 'hot new biz' and a great place to take your honey or yourself, for Valentine's Day
by Rajkhet Dirzhud-Rashid - SGN A&E Writer

My birthday wish of having a curvy redhead to kiss (and do other wicked things to) did come true, and so I'm just floating on 'cloud nine' as of this writing. Not even little natty annoyances that the 'cosmic stew' have been dishing out, via a few gnarly incidents, have dented my joy. Anyway, if you're thinking of what to do for yourself or for you and that special someone for the big 'day 'o love', here's a business with lots of heart and class that you'll enjoy visiting to treat yourself and your special someone.

Using the same attitude of pleasing her customers that she applied in her job as Chef for Dukes Chowder House-she added six new healthy choice items to the menu when she worked there-Christina Criscuolo brings a warmly welcoming feel to her new salon, 'Polished' (located at 1319 Pine, up the street from the SGN offices, near 14th). The salon, which will also be offering massages, along with natural manicures and pedicures, had its official opening December 20th, a perfect time, since that date signals a return of light after winter darkness. And believe me, this place is full of light and an elegance that attracts both sexes and a growing clientele of Gay men, according to Criscuolo.

"We've had a huge response from Gay men, who come in by themselves, or bring their partners to get manicures and pedicures," said Criscuolo. She said the unfussy d├ęcor, which includes airy, white curtains and drapes, as well as gold-framed Baroque style mirrors and two huge, comfy black, leather chairs in the front area, appeal to both men and women.

"I wanted to create an environment, where I'd like coming to work every day and one that everyone could appreciate, where they could get all of the same spa treatments they'd get at one of those pricier spas, but that was very unpretentious," said Criscuolo. She added that even kids are welcome at Polished and hopes clients would feel free to bring them when they come in for one of the many services offered at the friendly, snazzy but affordable salon.

"I want to do a 'mom and kids' day, where moms can bring their kids and we'll take a field trip to the firestation, and there's a park nearby," said Criscuolo. She went on to say that the salon is open to people having their bachelorette parties at Polished, and said that there are already several booked. And yes, there are gift certificates available for Valentine's Day and other days. Polished will also be doing five dollar lip waxes, henna tattoos and rose petal foot soaks.

"This is said to ward off bad spirits and its very grounding, " said Criscuolo. So, what are you doing for 'V-Day'? Well, maybe you want to go and have a flower petal soak, or get pretty and go out after visiting Polished. Hours for the salon are 11 a.m. to 7 p.m. Monday through Saturday and by appointment on Sunday. Mondays are available for parties. So have a party with your girrlz and then paint the town red.

For appointments, call: 324-6558, or 866-909-6558.

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