January 27, 2006
Volume 34
Issue 04
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Thursday, Dec 05, 2019




Dear SGN,

Thank you for Liz Highleyman's column "Past Out." I thoroughly enjoy her insightful and well researched investigations into our herstory and history. Without a knowledge and recognition of our past, it is all too easy for our opponents to dismiss us as the current fad or as a subset of a larger cultural change.

While it is true that it is easier for us to be out as Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual and Transgendered people here in 21st Century Seattle, we have always existed. We are everywhere, not only in space but in time.

Our people have created great art. We have advanced the causes of freedom, justice, and democracy. We have led nations and have been crowned pope. LGBT people have been among the heroes and heras of all the world's peoples.

Our accomplishments are great. We have roots that go back much further than fundamentalism. We have much to be proud of, and these excellent columns about our ancestors and our cultural icons are valuable reminders of that.

Thank you.

Janice Van Cleve

Seattle, WA


Dear SGN,

Its that time of year again. Men who are willing to show the judges and the audience their FULL MONTY. That's right, men stripping to music right in front of your eyes. Going all the way to their BIRTHDAY SUITS and staying that way all evening during the contest.

Each year men compete in the Mr. Nude Seattle Contest for a cash prize of $500. Whether they use the money for college, bills or just drinking money it is totally up to them. The categories include: 1st look and introduction (clothed), Striptease (totally NUDE), Question and Answer (totally NUDE) and final Look (that's right, totally NUDE).

This year marks the eighth annual contest, which is being held on Monday, March 27, 2006 at Langston Hughes Performing Arts Center (17th and Yesler). The door opens at 7:00 pm and the contest starts at 8:00 pm. The $20 tickets will be available at the door (you must be over 18 to attend). The price of the tickets gives you a chance to win a door prize donated by AMVC Videos, a local production company specializing in adult videos and one of our annual sponsors.

This year we are proud to announce a new comer to the male PORN industry actor Damon Phoenix (who used to be a local resident of the Seattle area). Damon will be our guest STRIPTEASE for the evening entertaining our audience and judges with lap dances and more. Also appearing this year is PORN EXCLUSIVE Roman Heart from Falcon Studios who will be signing autographs and being one of our guest judges. Our other guest judges include the owners of Rplace, AMVC Videos, The Elite Tavern, The Wet Spot and MGW Magazine.

So if you have ever wondered what that bartender, the guy behind the counter at Starbucks, or that guy walking down the street looks like naked. Now is your chance to find out. Contestant applications are available in advance at local bars (next to the SGN's and MGW magazines) or by emailing the producer of the contest directly at Applications will also be available at the door the evening of the contest.

So lets hear it for the Naked MEN on March 27th !!


Martin Storm



Dear SGN,

On Monday, 2000 supporters of equality came to Olympia for Equality Day. The crowd greeted such notable leaders as Governor Christine Gregoire, Representative and HB 2661 sponsor Ed Murray, Senate Majority Leader Lisa Brown, and Representative Fred Jarrett. Clergy from across the state addressed the ethical and spiritual imperatives of a discrimination-free Washington.

Many thanks to the Religious Coalition for Equality and everyone who participated in the event. We will tell you more about Equality Day and post pictures to our site later this week.

Yesterday we were back in Olympia, where HB 2661 moved out of Senate committee. While this moves the bill another step forward, I cannot underestimate our opponents' seriousness of purpose. They outnumbered us in the committee room. Their vituperative rhetoric was disturbing, and their will to ensure the failure of this bill was palpable. We have more work to do.

Please take a minute a to call the legislative hotline at 800-562-6000. Urge your Senator to support HB 2661. You can click here to send them an email. Please ask your family and friends to do the same. Check our web site regularly for updates.

So far ERW and our partners have made thousands of phone calls and sent thousands of emails. We have delivered petitions from large and small businesses across the state, arranged dozens of in-person constituent lobby visits with legislators, arranged testimony from individuals and businesses, and briefed lawmakers on the polling data we commissioned. We are so close! Call Today!

Very shortly the bill will come to a full Senate vote. With very little notice, we will inform you of the date and time and ask you to come to Olympia to see it happen. We want to bring hundreds from the LGBT and allied communities to be the counterpoint to our opponents, and to bear witness to Washington state history.

Equal Rights Washington is a membership-based organization. Our work in Olympia and across the state depends on donations from those who support equality. Your financial support, phone calls, legislative visits, conversations with friends and family, and other efforts are helping us make history in the state of Washington.

Yours in Equality,

Fran Dunaway

Executive Director

Equal Rights Washington


Dear SGN,

The Center for LGBT Health needs you!

The demolition work at the new Center for LGBT Health is complete! Things look great! We will soon begin the construction process.

While we will be using professional contractors for much of the work, we also need assistance from volunteers to complete key, skilled tasks to make this vital community project a reality.

Please contact Ann Schuessler ( if you are able to help in any of the following tasks.

Skilled carpenters: We need help framing in the numerous doors and some relite windows at the Center for LGBT Health in the next couple weeks. Specifically, we need carpenters and folks comfortable with framing techniques.

Skilled plumbers: We need help installing plumbing fixtures once the plumbing is complete (4-6 weeks away). Specifically, we need plumbers and folks knowledgeable in installing sinks and toilets.

Experienced painters: We need help painting once the construction is complete (4-6 weeks away). Specifically, we need folks familiar with paint preparation and painting.


Mary Dzieweczynski



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