January 27, 2006
Volume 34
Issue 04
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Wednesday, Nov 25, 2020



by George Bakan and Rick McKinnon

This morning, The Seattle City Council, acting as a committee of the whole, nominated and voted for Sally Clark to fill the vacant council position caused by the recent resignation of Jim Compton.

Sally Clark is well-known in Seattle as an activist Lesbian through her work as former assistant to Seattle City Councilmember Tina Podlodowski, as former editor of the Lesbian Resource Center News and the Seattle Gay News, her work with Chicken Soup Brigade and in her current job as a policy director at the Lifelong AIDS Alliance. As assistant to former Councilmember Podlodowski, Clark had worked with every committee of the council and every department in the city with extensive work on neighborhood and budget issues.

The process for selecting this 11 month council term was extensive and exhaustive. Starting with an applicant list of 101 names, the Council, using a multi-layered selection system, had six finalists before them this morning. When the nomination process proceeded with the six-person short list, Sally received 13 points placing her as the leading nominee before the final vote. As the final vote proceeded no other nominee received the necessary 5 votes to win and the final vote for Sally was 6 to 2.

In a phone interview with the SGN after the vote (at press time holding the front page), Clark said "I'm excited and grateful for the investment that the Council Members have made in me and I'm looking forward to 11 months of extremely hard work. I have a tremendous number of friends in the LGBT community who spoke on my behalf either through emails or phone and I thank them for their support."

Clark's nomination was formally presented by former Council President Jan Drago. Drago remarked that in their intense interview and feedback process, "Sally received no negatives. In fact, the feedback was glowing."

Three council members seconded the nomination.

Richard Conlin seconded Clark's nomination citing "her range of experience for the job." Conlin elaborated that Clark's work on neighborhood issues while an aide to former Councilmember Podlodowski was a considerable asset.

Peter Steinbrueck added another endorsement citing Clark's "strong legislative experience."

The final nominating remarks were offered by Tom Rasmussen, who gave an enthusiastic endorsement, saying "people will be very well pleased with Sally on the council. She cares about human services and brings an extensive background in neighborhood issues and housing issues." Rasmussen added that Clark's committee assignments would reflect her expertise in housing and neighborhoods.

In the discussion, Councilmember Jean Godden remarked on Clark's nomination reflecting her journalistic experience. Godden laughingly said she was pleased that someone else on the council was coming from a journalistic background. Clark is a former editor at the Seattle Gay News and Godden was a former columnist for the Seattle P-I.

The final vote which was by acclamation.

In closing the session Council Members went around the table thanking all the applicants, commenting on the tremendously qualified pool of individuals willing to serve on the council. They encouraged applicants who were not selected to persist, stay involved, run for office and apply for any future vacancies.

In a brief phone interview after Clark was selected, Seattle City Council President Nick Licata said "Sally Clark will be a great addition to the Seattle City Council. She has extensive experience working with various communities."

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