Aug 12, 2005
Volume 33
Issue 32

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Romance Writers of America accepts Gay author
Romance Writers of America accepts Gay author
The Romance Writers of America (RWA) has accepted openly Gay novelist Scott Pomfret as a full-fledged member. The RWA is the premier professional association for writers and aspiring writers of Harlequin-style romance novels. Together with his real-life romantic partner Scott Whittier, Pomfret is co-author of the "Romentics" series of romance novels for Gay men. In June 2005, Warner Books published the latest "Romentics" novel, Hot Sauce.

Commenting on his welcome to the organization, Pomfret said, "It's nice to see that an organization like the RWA is open to recognizing that romance is not a 'hetero-only' institution and that Gay men have romantic lives - and needs - as strong as any Harlequin heroine." Pomfret noted that romance novels comprise 48 percent of all mass-market paperback fiction sold in the United States and are read by 41 million Americans. He added, "Hot Sauce taps into that popularity by giving an option to a few million Gay men and the people that love them."

Whittier admitted, "Because the RWA has traditionally focused on straight romance for women, is conservative, and is based in Texas, we were apprehensive about Scott's application, so we were pleasantly surprised to find there was room at the table for 'Romentics,' too."

Pomfret's and Whittier's work in the romance genre has gained early praise. Publishers Weekly described Hot Sauce as a "fun, fast-moving, fairy tale fluff custom-built for the softhearted Gay beach set."

The complete "Romentics" series - Nick of Time, Spare Parts and Razor Burn - is available at Amazon, Gay and independent bookstores everywhere, and at


Pomfret and Whittier wrote the book on Gay romance - literally. Founded in Boston in 2003 at the height of the debate over same-sex marriage in Massachusetts and dubbed "the new romantics" by the Boston Globe, "Romentics" has brought together for the first time the number-one market for paperback fiction (romance) and the buying power of the lucrative Gay market.

"Romentics" authors Pomfret and Whittier are real-life lovers, whose own tale could fill the pages of a romance novel. From out of the closet to all the unique elements of Gay culture, "Romentics" follows a not-so-straight path to happily ever after.

Romentics Books


Gay novelist Scott Whittier (l) and his partner Scott Pomfret

Photo by: Amy O'Connor
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