June 24 2005

Volume 33
Issue 25


Feb 28, 2016



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Section One

Show your PRIDE this weekend in Seattle
It was not an easy year for those who support equal rights for Gays, Bisexuals and Transgender people in the Northwest. Between political developments on the national and regional levels, supporters of equal rights for Gays might not have felt they had much to cheer about. But cheer they will at this weekends Seattle Pride Festival, when participants will celebrate a “Pride Explosion” of more
Dyke March takes it downtown
by Janice Gutman

Break out your boots, dust off your heels, strap on your drum, and get ready for the 13th annual Dyke March and Queer Women’s Rally. As always, the march will be on the Saturday night before the Pride Parade. It is an open invitation for all queer women to hear some music and some messages and get out in the streets togeth
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Anti-assimilationists crash Portland Pride
‘We want anal penetration, not Gay Pride assimilation!’

Photos and text by spArkle

PORTLAND - Queer Revolution and the Dyke March crashed the corporate-sponsored Gay Pride Parade day this morning (June 18). Carrying pink and black flags, anti-authoritarian signs, and shouting chants, the spirited folks made quite a splash wit
Capitol Hill business owners align to keep Gay Pride on Capitol Hill
by Robert Raketty - SGN Staff Writer

Capitol Hill business owners this week amped up their campaign to keep Seattle’s LGBT Pride Parade/March and Rally on Capitol Hill. Last week, the SGN broke the story that the Seattle Pride Committee has tentatively booked a large portion of Seattle Center for next year’s Pride festivities as part o
Past ISCSORE monarchs launch banner project to promote GLBT history
by Sara Michelle Fetters

“In the beginning, it really was just a party group; an organization that brought people together and gave them a safe place to show off their impersonation skills. It was a social outlet, a way for Drag in all its variations to be accepted and applauded. Then came Stonewall. That changed everything.”

Beyond the Closet Bookstore closing after 17 years
Ron Whiteaker, owner of Beyond The Closet Bookstore, Seattle’s exclusive source for Gay, Lesbian, Bisexual and Transgender books, is calling it quits after 17 years. “Business has been declining for several years, so I really can’t keep it going any longer,” Whiteaker said. “We’ll be closing for good in a few weeks, toward the end of July. It’s bee more
Thoughts on the little ‘tempest’ brewing over next year’s Pride celebration
Commentary by Rajkhet Dirzhud-Rashid

Walking down Broadway to visit some friends last weekend - nursing one heck of a cloud of gloom over the state of (1. my love life, or lack of one; (2. the fact that my landlords, SHA, are trying to make me responsible for a bill I couldn’t afford without winning the Lotto; and (3. the fact that this y
King County Labor Council calls upon Eastside School District to apply Gay non-discrimination policy to Antioch Bible Ch
Last week the King County Labor Council unanimously passed a resolution to call upon the Lake Washington School District to apply the school district’s non-discrimination policy regarding sexual orientation to all organizations that lease the school district’s facilities, including Antioch Bible Church. The union representing teachers and other sta more

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