Section One

April 29, 2005

Volume 33,
Issue 17

Sat, Feb 27, 2016


Homophobes, bigots & ignoramuses! Oh, my!
Homophobes, bigots & ignoramuses! Oh, my!
At long last, the bill introduced 30 years ago by then-Rep. Cal Anderson banning discrimination against Gays and Lesbians in housing, employment and insurance was voted onto the floor of the Senate. In a fast moment, two Democrats, Sen Jim Hargrove of Hoquiam and Sen. Tim Sheldon of Potlatch, joined 23 Republicans in defeating the bill 25-24.

Senate Democrats have struggled to bring the bill to a vote all session, and they knew Thursday morning they might not have the votes to pass it. Senator Tim Sheldon, Democrat from Potlatch, thought that it was only fair to give fellow lawmakers a chance to vote on the bill. He promptly voted against it after voting it onto the floor. Sen. Jim Hargrove of Hoquiam was the other Democrat who voted NO! After screwing his fellow Democrats and the Gay, Lesbian, Bisexual, and Transgender community without a kiss he rolled over and made the following statement to the press: “I believe adultery is wrong, I believe sex outside marriage is wrong, I believe homosexuality is wrong. Therefore, I cannot give government protection to this behavior.” Of course, Hargrove refused to comment on why he had voted against his caucus or whether he’d allow the bill out of the committee. Sen. Luke Esser, Republican from Bellevue, is now taking credit for initiating the move while Sheldon is sticking to the story that his vote reflected the will of his constituents.

Some of the Republicans, including Sen. Brad Benson, R-Spokane, said there was little evidence that employers, landlords or bankers are discriminating against Gays and Lesbians. Oh really? I guess that I imagined all of the discrimination that was afflicted upon me over the years. Benson and his colleagues are blinded by homophobia and bigotry. Benson added agony to injury by further stating that prohibiting such abuse would open the door to litigation and increase the cost of rental housing or cause employers to do business elsewhere. Not knowing when to shut up Benson went on to say, “We may actually be hurting poor people.”

They don’t get it! This isn’t about them! This is about the GLBT community having the freedom to be who and what we are without the hassle, insults, wrongdoings, disrespect, and violence that stems from the latter. This is another classic example of ignorance, bigotry, and hatred being afflicted on the GLTB community. While the media makes this socially acceptable behavior towards the GLTB community. Thanks to the instigating of the media it’s socially acceptable to oppress, discriminate, condemn and make judgments against others. They stir up anger, hostility, and resentment inside the empty minds of homophobic twits. Making derogatory comments against Gays and Lesbians to the media is the politically correct thing to in this sick society that we’re stuck in. It’s totally disrespectful and inhumane to say rude, cruel, insulting, demeaning, degrading, negative, and hateful comments about a people who aren’t considered to be a norm in society.

This is unchristian behavior and goes against the teachings of Jesus Christ. Self-worth and self-esteem suffer when you find yourself under attack on news broadcasts and in the newspaper. At work where you’re forced to ignore the racist comments and discrimination because you don’t want to risk losing your job. Then coming under attack in the least place where you’d expect it which is in church, This is supposed to be the place to seek solace and comfort from God inside of his temple.

In case you haven’t noticed, the media has made committing adultery and having sex outside of marriage socially acceptable. Monica L. became an instant media whore after giving head to a President Clinton. No self-respecting woman in her right mind would claim fame as a cock sucker. Pedophiles both male and female wrote books with movies made about their indecent liberties with teenagers under the age of consent. Donald Trump’s claim to fame was from cheating on his wife Ivana with his mistress who acted surprised and shocked for the media cameras after he cheated on her after marrying her. Then let’s not forget about the celebrities with their sexual acts being played on the Internet. Talk about being caught with your drawers down!

So, if adultery and fornication outside of marriage is wrong why is it being heralded as the thing to do in today’s society? Elected officials are supposed to stand up and speak out for the rights of others who are being denied the right to the freedom that’s guaranteed in the land of America. Freedom isn’t ringing for the GLBT community.

The Gay rights bill is our government protection from the behavior of homophobic bigots like Sen. Jim Hargrove and those like him. There are those in government who resort to using their “political power” as a weapon against the GLBT community while at the same time promoting their religious views that are shared by conservative twits, the religious wrong, and all other idiots of the like. According to these Republicans, they blocked an unnecessary law that runs contrary to their religious tenets because it would have promoted homosexuality and advanced the cause of Gay marriage. There’s nothing wrong about homosexuality or Gay marriage that seals a commitment between two men or two women in love. It’s the happy ending and a new beginning of the love story of couples reaching the ultimate step of their relationship.

“The Senate Republicans chose to stand on the steps of Justice and to block entry for Gay and Lesbian citizens of Washington state,” said Rep. Ed Murray, D-Seattle, the bill’s sponsor and one of four openly Gay legislators. “We have exposed bigotry and prejudice. ... We didn’t win today, but we will win.”

Gay rights advocates and Democratic leaders who have said the civil rights bill was among their top priorities wept openly and vowed to continue their fight after the bill failed. “The Lesbian and Gay community, to say the least, is hurt and angry and suffering at this moment. But this for us is not a time to be angry. It is a time for action,” Murray said.

Rep. Murray, who has championed the legislation for a decade, said that just bringing the measure to a vote in the Senate was progress because it forced lawmakers to reveal their true feelings. The bill has passed the House several times, including this session, but had never come to a vote in the upper chamber. “We have furthered the cause of justice. We have exposed bigotry and prejudice in this State and we will win,” Rep. Murray said.

Senate Democrats need 25 votes to bring the bill back to the floor against Hargrove’s objections. But without Hargrove, Democrats will have to persuade a Republican to break ranks with the caucus on a procedural issue. Murray believes that if it comes to a vote, they’ll have the votes to pass it. Hopefully, one of the Republicans will regain their common sense then vote yes without hesitation. God makes the impossible, possible!

The other shocker of the week was Microsoft going soft on the GLBT community by pulling their support for the bill. Microsoft jumped over to the Red States’ side along with Sens. Sheldon and Hargrove. Microsoft’s copout was that they didn’t want to offend their “Christian” customers. In reality, there are vast numbers of computers and software customers out in those Republican-Red-States. In today’s Corrupt Corporate America, it’s all about MONEY! Microsoft did the math to figure out whether all of the money in the Red States was worth losing. It came down to weather or not it was worth losing by supporting the Gay Rights Bill. Of course, we weren’t worth it. The Right Wing Conservative was! Then in today’s political world, it’s all about payback. Five years ago, Ralph Reed was a senior consultant to the presidential campaign of then-Gov. George W. Bush. Ralph Reed, was the former executive director of the Christian Coalition and an architect of the rise of religious conservatives in the GOP. Reed was on the payroll of the both the Bush campaign and Microsoft. His task as hired gun was to round up Bush followers who would lean on Bush to support Microsoft, which had taken a major butt kicking in an antitrust suit trigger by the Justice Department. Reed is also responsible for tar and feathering Bush rival Sen. John McCain as a man too close and comfortable with GLBT community. Reed bailed Microsoft out of the House Bill 1515 that lost by one vote last week in the State Senate.

We’re living in a nation that’s divided between the Red and Blue. The Red is compromised of the un-religious wrong who don’t love their neighbor as they love themselves. They’re not compassionate, they’re judgmental, they’re selfish, self-centered and insensitive towards the feelings and rights of others. In a nutshell they’re the false Prophets and Christens who Jesus warned us to be careful of. They define their racist and self-righteous attitude as being conservative. They believe in Bush and the America that he’s trying to build. They’re right and everyone else who doesn’t comply with their views by living the politically correct protocol and procedures are the wrong who they have to rid the world of. Sounds a lot like the Nazi moment doesn’t it? The Blue follow the teachings of Jesus Christ. They’re compassionate and loving towards others, they don’t make judgments or condemn those who are different, they embrace diversity and are tolerant of others. In a nutshell, they mind their business and rejoice in the Lord. It would be nice if the two sides would come together in peace and create the color purple in unison and as Christen Brothers and Sisters. Behind all of polarities that divide and form sides (Red and Blue, Right and Wrong, Good and Evil, Gay and Straight) is the ONE…GOD. This is where my spiritual road leads to. I’m going HOME! Amen!

Leslie Robinson

Madelyn Arnold

Paula Martinac